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About the Pacific RV Service Net

The primary purpose of our net is to provide a place for Hams with RVs to make contact on the road, and to report weather and travel conditions in their area. All Hams, General Class and above, are welcome to check in as well. An additional goal of our net is to promote camaraderie and the exchange of ideas among members.

Our Weekday Nets on 40 meters

Join our weekday morning Nets for members and visitors, Monday thru Friday. Check in, say hello, and chat with one of our volunteer Net Controllers who handle the net on a rotating basis. Visitors are always welcome.

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Net Times/Frequency  Mon-Fri (Pacific times):    

     •  09:00 to 10:00  Regular Check-ins
     •  Tune to 7272.0 kHz LSB

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Annual RV Service Net Rallies

We hold two great annual 4-day Rallies at RV parks each year, one in the spring, and one in the fall. These exciting events are a lot of fun, and great get-togethers!

•  Click for more about our fun Rallies, including the next one in Banning! 

Other RV Service Nets

There are several other RV Service Nets covering the U.S.A. and Canada. These Nets, including our Pacific RV Service Net, are part of RV Service Net International. For more information on RV Service Net International, click on the link below.

•  RV Serviice Net International website

Solar/Band Data

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